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About Meraki

Meraki was born from a shared dream by Kim and Beverly to create a business which could combine their passions and purpose. Having met at a yoga teacher training course at the island of Lombok in Indonesia in the fall of 2019, both were struggling with depression and anxiety brought on by career, relationship, and health issues. It was during the late night talks and introspective walks after class that a deep friendship grew.

This led to a reunion in Bali in February 2020. By that time, Kim and Beverly had gotten back on their feet, were forging forward with their spiritual practices of meditation and yoga, and were having fun surfing. Both were also new vegans. The gratitude for having survived mental health battles to emerge wiser, stronger and with more clarity led them to create Meraki to continue to educate and empower themselves and the world around them.

Meraki Philosophy

Meraki is a way of Life. We want to educate, enable and empower ourselves and world towards a more conscious and sustainable way of living. We believe in the power of each of us to make a difference and that every small act is important. We believe in Community, Minimalist living and Kindness to all living beings and our Planet. 

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