Meraki will use ecommerce to enable the brands that we love to spread their causes beyond our spiritual island. We have chosen to start with 4 causes close to our heart:

Street dogs and Animal Rights

Local Labor

Environmental Conservation


Animal Rights

Bandana Love Project (BLP)

The Bandana Love project was created because a Bandana on a Dog is a symbol of love… When you see one wearing a Bandana you know that it is Loved and Cared for.

We want to spread this Love and Help Dogs + Cats across the World!

We use our profits to fund the Sterilisations and Vaccinations for Animals in need. This is our focus because it is the long-term, sustainable and kind approach to reduce the overpoipulation (and subsequent suffering) of so many.

Local Labor

Shimmy Bracelets

Shimmy Bracelets was created to provide beautiful and colorful pieces of jewelry for adventurous girls and to empower women in the remote village of Medewi through arts and fashion. Every bracelet is handmade by a local woman, who isn’t fortunate to have a regular job with a regular income.

With an increasing popularity of our unique Bali bracelets, we were fortunate to find more opportunity to give back to the community and those who are fighting for a healthy nature in Bali, especially of our ocean. Marine conservation is of special interest for us as surfers. A part of each bracelet purchased online is therefore used to support several projects of heart.

Environmental Conservation


When we got started in June 2016, we thought handkerchiefs could just be a cool way to reduce wasteful paper consumption. Wasting tissues means trees being unnecessarily cut down, right?

 But as our project advanced, we realized that our handkerchiefs had even more potential. Our ‘chiefs have become a powerful vehicle to communicate widely in an engaging way about an urgent issue that affects all living things on Earth: deforestation.

 With TRI we raise awareness, but we also raise money. Using the profits from the sale of our handkerchiefs, we support grassroots organizations who are working to protect our Earth’s precious trees and peatlands, starting right here in Indonesia.


Sun and Sage

Sun & Sage Clothing delivers 15% of profits to specifically care for these animals. We can’t take every animal we find in, but we can help medicate and feed them.

Skin problems are most common, but medicine to treat one animal (‘Bravecto’) can cost over £30.

When you buy a t-shirt from Sun & Sage, you are also helping a street animal in Bali. Medicine is expensive and with nobody else to help them, it can save their lives.